Corporate Actions Split Of Face value
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Company Name BSE Date NSE Date FV Before FV After
Radhagobind Comm 31-May-2023 31-May-2023 10 1
Josts Engg. Co. 28-Apr-2023 28-Apr-2023 5 2
Mufin Green 13-Apr-2023 13-Apr-2023 2 1
Deep Industries 10-Apr-2023 10-Apr-2023 10 5
Shree Securities 06-Apr-2023 06-Apr-2023 10 1
Avance Tech. 31-Mar-2023 31-Mar-2023 10 5
Artemis Electri. 31-Mar-2023 31-Mar-2023 10 1
Bharat Agri Fert 29-Mar-2023 29-Mar-2023 10 1
Vivanza Biosci. 24-Mar-2023 24-Mar-2023 10 1
Cont. Securities 20-Mar-2023 20-Mar-2023 10 2